How to be a PLEB

Hang loose

Our corduroy dungarees are made from 100% cotton, which is a natural fiber derived from the cotton plant. This makes it a breathable and comfortable fabric to wear.

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how to be a pleb

Embrace the Ordinary

100% Cotton corduroy is soft to the touch, providing a comfortable feel against the skin. It is often chosen for garments that need to be both stylish and comfortable.

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how to be a pleb

Be Playful

Corduroy has a classic and timeless appeal, making it a popular choice for both casual and more formal wear. It has been a fashion staple for decades and continues to be a versatile and stylish fabric.

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About Us

Plebeians were the farmers, craftsmen, labourers, and soldiers of Rome (commoners). Today Pleb translates to an ordinary person who has low social status. 

I grew up in the Moot area of Pretoria, and because of that my dad always said that we are moot plebs and that he is proud to be a pleb. So in short, the word pleb resonates with me. 

Albert Einstein wrote that if he got another birth, he would not like to be a distinguished man. He would rather be an ordinary man, a plumber or a peddler. I think what Albert and my dad were trying to say is; that being distinguished and popular, being written about, and being wealthy—does not make you what you are. We are not the sum total of the publicity, followers and riches we have, and to live a life without those things might be a better life to live. 

It so happened to Alexander the Great when he was returning after conquering the world, having all the wealth of the world. He caught an illness and begged his doctors to grant him 24 more hours of life to meet his mother in exchange for all his wealth, Alexander could not buy even a few hours. This precious life is granted as a gift. Success is not in out-earning others; it is in the joy of life. Success is to do what you wish to do in life and achieve what you ought to achieve, happily. The value of life is hidden in its happiness and the importance of life is hidden in its playfulness. 

Our brand is about being ordinary and being proud of it. It's about enjoying yourself on this journey through life and indulging in it's playfulness.

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